Niki J Sands Fine Art
A Figurative and Abstract artist

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Inspiring to know someone whom hasn't been corrupted by institutional Arts discipline education.
Jalmeer Osmth (Dennis E. Smith) - 14 Apr 2022
I really enjoyed your commissioned piece at the McDonald’s in rancho mirage. I took a picture of it and your signature website and I really appreciate your art. Thank you. It is a pleasure to look at. Sincerely. John
Palm Springs Classic cars - 13 Aug 2021
Niki, Your range of Artistry is amazing!!! Your use of color is phenomenal! I can be Googled at James JP Hawkins
James JP Hawkins - 17 Jul 2021
Hi Niki, this is David Bailey, the retired pediatrician from Loma Linda CA. Just sending a note to say hi and to see how you are doing in the middle of the pandemic. Life is pretty calm here right now and I was wondering if you are going to be at any art festivals in the inland empire, palm springs, orange county area. Let me know if you are. In this pandemic upheaval I do enjoy looking at your art and I may be interested in purchasing some of your masks. Are you painting any new "stuff"? Dave
David Bailey - 28 Aug 2020
Niki we saw your work in print @ the art walk Janas Red Room we like the colors and the feeling you pored into them They add a nice touch of feeling with the splash of color to the room and have received many nice comments They are Duodecad Paraskevl don't know the third print Thanks for the insight
Drew - 9 May 2017
Niki - Your work is marvelous. We all benefit from you doing what you do. Thank you.
George - 3 Dec 2016
Greetings from Santorini Niki. I really loved your work! You are a really talented artist! Blew me away! Congratulations and all the best for further success! Angelo Makris
angelo makris - 22 May 2016
I cannot wait to have that piece I saw at UNLVINO!!!
Aiaka Oliver - 18 Apr 2016
I didn't realize or just forgot you have still life portraits, I love still especially fruits or fruits with wine or just plain wine setting, I want the pear still life .
Jeri Sharkey - 15 Oct 2015
Niki- The moment I saw your art, I was drawn in. My first words to you were "I love your mind!". The expression, the combination of soft and sharp imaging combined with the vibrant colors truly make your art priceless. I'm so happy to have purchased one of your creations. I'm a fan forever!
John Rodriguez - 22 Sep 2015
I just want to thank you again for giving me a print of yours when we were at UNLVino. I volunteer at a food pantry/food resuce and we will be having a golf tournament with a raffle. I am going to donate the print to the raffle and hopefully raise some money for a wonderful cause. Thanks Niki, you are so very kind and talented.
Patti Haber - 25 Apr 2015
Your art sings to me..... I feel a transformation when I wander through it!
Susan Davies - 12 Nov 2014
Dear Niki ... an absolute delight to meet you at Grateful Art. Do hope our paths cross again:) Cheers, Kate
Kate McKenna - 8 Nov 2014
Hi Niki - Andy & I are very excited with our painting and can't wait to get her home. So happy that you are a generous supporter of Grateful Art. Thank you so much for your contribution and participation. Carol
Carol Maurizio - 7 Nov 2014
Spotted your art work on the PIL website...loved your style very very are a beautiful woman and very talented artist indeed....I am an artist residing in upstate NY......peace...xo
Gary Fish - 10 Jun 2013
We met you on the trail to Lake Mead. I really like your work. I am actually starting to write a song inspired by one of your paintings.
John (& Mary Ellen) - 1 Feb 2012
Hello, Niki! It's me, Ivan who was your wingman @Artwalk Fair in San Diego :D It was great for me to see you and wish everything goes well with you! Please say hello to me if I can visit Las Vegas sometime later. Bye~
Ivan Choi - 16 Sep 2011
Hi Niki, I am Jonelle Wilson's mom (Art at Your Door Gallery). I was viewing Jonelle's photos from the exhibition that was held at the gallery in May and decided to take a look at your works, and I so very happy that I did just that. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
Vinnie Wison - 2 Jun 2011
Hi Niki, It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for the First Friday recommendation, we had a great time! We absolutely love our piece of art and love the meaning behind it even more... I'll be back for the piece that I liked very soon :) My mom will be here next week, can't wait to give her the mexican tile art piece, she's going to love it! Have a great weekend! Shannon Fitch~
shannon Fitch - 15 Oct 2010
Hello Niki, just wanted to say I am so glad to have met you and absolutely am overflowing with excitement for my new piece " My Cousin Betty" :) I am going to take great pride in displaying and will definitely be purchasing more of your work in the future as well as passing along your contact info/ website to all my friend and family! You are a truly unbelievable talent and I look forward to our next encounter! Take care.... Robert Rivas P.s. i posted our picture on Facebook, you, it's a great photo. You should check it out!
Robert R. Rivas - 9 Sep 2010
you are a ture piece of art, from the pieces you show to the pieces still filled up in your heart, im thankful to know you and i wish you the best. brian
brian malpasso - 1 Sep 2010
Our family portrait you did for us is amazing. What is so remarkable to me is that you captured each person's essence. I encourage anyone wanting a portrait that is out of the ordinary to consult with you. They will not be dissapointed. maz
Mary Ann Zaha - 31 Jul 2010
I've always liked all of your work, Niki, have that unique style! Take care Scorpion Lady!
Scott VanderMolen - 4 Apr 2010
Your painting are amazing!! I love your work!
Rebecca Nevitt - 21 Mar 2010
TiAnmo! Sagapoo!Niki
spacey tracey - 26 Feb 2010
Love your site. Love your paintings. "I'm not sick. I am broken. But I am happy as long as I can paint. " Frida! :D
Michelle McClinn - 17 Feb 2010
your work...WOW
jami - 22 Dec 2009
I love all of your work!GREAT!Best wishes from cold Germany. Have you seen my new homepage? I present my new paintings there: Please take a look! By the way: I`ll be in Las Vegas in January 2010! Yippey! :-)
Simone Corbach - 13 Nov 2009
Niki we enjoyed your paintings and your website is ambitious! Thanks for the great tour at the November 6th first Friday. Dave and DeeAnne Helm
David Helm - 12 Nov 2009
What a wonderful variety of expressive and sensual work. I love your brushwork and color choices. Can't wait to see some of them in person in just a couple of weeks. -Don
Don Michael, Jr. - 22 Oct 2009
Hi cousin this is your cousin Nitsa I am so proud of you I cannot beleive how good your paintings are. Hope to hear from you.
Jean Martinez - 3 Aug 2009
Hi Niki, it was great meeting you and hanging out with you at bark for art. I just viewed all your work, it is beautiful! (like you) Looking forward to seeing you the first Thursday of July.
mark nelson - 14 Jun 2009
Your Art work is very beautiful Its very moving.Belfrey Phipps
Belfrey Phipps - 5 May 2009
Beautiful paintings, as the painter is...
ANDREAS RALLIS - 12 Apr 2009
Wundervolle Arbeiten, Niki - ganz großes Kino, wie wir Deutschen sagen. Best wishes from good old Germany RBK
Rolf Bernhard Koch - 22 Mar 2009
Delighted to have you hanging on our living room wall. A terrific find! Irwin Segal
Irwin Segal & Lynn Polen - 20 Mar 2009
I like your work. Not only here on this website but especially in person. I believe I am understanding and enjoying more about abstract art through your paintings.
Mark Stephenson - 8 Mar 2009
what a great site:)
ben stiff - 8 Mar 2009
You have a ton of work, "spill the girl" and "me" very impressive I would like to see more like that. I just met you tonight at the center. It was nice to meet you. Hope to talk art with you again.
jeremy matthews - 6 Mar 2009
Dear Niki! I saw Duo Romantico on ! Great!!! I had to see more pictures from you and visited your website. They are so great! Wonderfull! I´m a female german painter (41). You would make me very, very proud, if you would take a look at my pictures on my website and for a comment to my Guest Book: Good luck and best wishes from Germany! Simone
Simone Corbach - 2 Mar 2009
It was wondrful to meet you Niki. Your art is truly phenomenal... thank you for sharing your truth. Namaste! Peace, Love, and Light~ Erin
Erin - 4 Jan 2009
Nikki,your're such a gifted artist,I;m really inspired by your work.Your warmth,kindness and positive vibes can't go unnoticed.My wife and I are very glad to have met you.It feels like we've known you forever. Keep your wonderful work coming. F-Friday was a blast.
D'Shey - 9 Dec 2008
peaceNart STUDIO - 7 Dec 2008
Niki, your spirit and enthusiasm for life are evident in your works. Such energy and passion. You always had that special something, even in high school. It was so wonderful to touch base at the reunion this past weekend. Please keep painting your is beautiful.
Jill Weide - 7 Oct 2008
Hi Niki, It was a pleasure to have met you this weekend. You have a really nice website, and I love your work! Your emotion is quite evident in all your pieces. Best of luck to you.
Jill (Mrs. Steve) Coloske - Michigan - 5 Oct 2008
I love your work. Your new pieces are awesome. I really like Split Sadness and Fish Tales. I can't wait to see them. Ballente Signora, Tu Solo tu, Forgivness and Ikarian Dream are also very inspiring. Best Wishes and Much Success David
David Tarrence - 12 Aug 2008
Your mood and expressive flair is amazing in every stroke of your brush. It was a pleasure to meet you the other night @ RE Tapas. Hope we can meet again and possibly collaborate on our works!? Thank you Alexandra
Alexandra Barbaroussis - 16 May 2008
Niki, i love all of ur work.. Some of tha paintings speak 2 me when i look @ them. I'm glad 2 have u as a friend. Take care....
Vaughn Watts - 1 May 2008
My heart and eyes are busting with pride! All this unique art is my Little Sister's! Not because she is my Sister, I am overwhelmed how talented, and creative her art is! I see all her heart and soul into all she does. Above the stars looking down, I know our Parents are smiling in heaven as proud as I am of Niki! Puts a smile on my face seeing her art so grand! Keep painting, love you little Sis....
Tula J. Mallos - 1 May 2008
Niki- you have a very body of work. I really feel something when I look at your work. Great Job !
Nick - 29 Apr 2008
Your work is so beautiful and strong. I'm really drawn to Revalacion and feel inspired to try some different approaches in my own work. I've got you bookmarked now and I'll keep coming back to see what you've done!
Hilary Helton - 26 Apr 2008
Wow, right away I had a favorite, "Heaven's Whisper", so light and pretty. Also really like the bowl of pears on the blue stripes. I had no idea what to expect, and it was all so interesting. Nice seeing you two last night...see you at your opening tues.
Glena Dunn - 18 Apr 2008
Wow! love your Art.... Just talked to you on the phone concerning Canyon Ranch Spa.
Ron Tomlin - 17 Apr 2008
Hey Niki - Great Site! You have quite the body of work, I didn't realize you were so intense with it. Stay true, Mike
Mike Arthurholtz - 28 Mar 2008
sallygirl - 21 Mar 2008
Your Paintings are beyond the imagination. Im really mesmerized by a lot of them. Especially, by Forgiveness and Maybe Angels. But the one to me that opens the element to an adaptable state of mind is Fiesta. I see bonding, love and just people having a good time. Good vibes on that one.
Richard Morales - 1 Feb 2008
I really connected with the strength of emotion that you communicate through your work and really enjoyed meeting you and experiencing your passion for your art in person. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and my family.
Lysander Abadia - 23 Dec 2007
Stunning work! What great passion you have shared and and emotion you have bared. To free your soul through art is to risk everything! Bravo!!
Geoff Smith - 4 Dec 2007
I love your work. I can't believe Jose left us whats up with that? Anyhow, I hope our paths will cross from time to time. Tell Jose we miss him he was a great leader. Love, Rod 11-A
Rodrick Taylor - 26 Nov 2007
Beautiful art! Looking forward to seeing it in person and adding to our home.
Stacy Mamatas - 10 Nov 2007
ALEX P. HUERTA - 27 Oct 2007
I'm very happy to sign your quest book Niki. Once again, your work lifts me up and brings me pretty close to the waiting gates. Your colors, ideas, style, and passion is all well seen in everything stroke. You massage your feelings deep into your work. Thanks again for sharing the images and your love for art. Sincerely Eric ...
Eric Devan - 15 Oct 2007
It was so nice to meet and spend some time with you and Jose recently. You are such a nice, genuine couple. We love your work! It is Passionate, Beautiful, Mysterious.
Tina and Harlan Mager - 29 Sep 2007
Very pleased with "Heart of Mine." IT does look a lot richer in reality and the pictures do no tdo jstice to the painting. Best wishes, Niki, for all the success your heart desires.
Raj - 20 Aug 2007
Very nice art! I recomend you to submit URL to Art Search - Directory. I got listed half year ago and have tvice more visitors from that time.
Josh - 11 Aug 2007
Tula gave me your address to check out your work! very nice! Keep up the good work
Robert Dempster - 4 Jul 2007
I really dont know if you speak greek but your paintings are EKPLIKTIKA (that means GREAT!!!) I really like your work. My best regards from SUNNY Athens Andreas
ANDREAS RALLIS - 19 Jun 2007
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