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(posted on 12 May 2022)



       Memorial weekend is the kickoff to summer barbecues, fun at the beach and outdoor festivals.  Every year I love to participate in the Redlands Festival of Arts in Redlands California.   It is situated in the lovely Smiley Park.  Dates are May 28-29 from 10am until 5pm both days.  I will be in Booth #9 with some lovely new work that will include both my figurative and abstracts. Visit the Redlands Festival of Art for further information.

Be safe and enjoy the summer.


Title:  Nice Pear

Medium:  Acrylic

Support:  Canvas 40h by 30w

(posted on 28 Apr 2022)

Challenging yourself each and every day makes you a better person and certainly makes an artist a better artist.  I love experimenting and challenging my abilities as an artist.  Crossing over into different genres and meshing them together is something I love to do.  I hope you all enjoy my new work and take on a challenge for is so rewarding.


Title:  Reinvent yourself

Medium:  Acrylic

Support:  canvas 36x36



(posted on 28 Feb 2022)

Spring is almost here!  La Quinta Art Celebration will be exhibiting some of the finest artists across the country.  

Come out and enjoy the arts This coming weekend starting Thursday March 3 - March 6.  

Visit Booth #816

Title:  Dance in the Bamboo

Acrylic on canvas

Location: La Quinta Civic Center

78495 Calle Tampico

La Quinta, CA


(posted on 13 Jan 2022)



Let the Art Festivals begin!  I hope to see you at the Southwest Arts Festival, I will be at booth #543. It should be a beautiful weekend to enjoy the Coachella Valley and to celebrate Art, Music and Life.  

for further information please feel free to text me at 702.499.3984 or email

(posted on 23 Dec 2021)

Happy Holidays!

May 2022 bring you good health and happiness.



(posted on 25 Nov 2021)


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you are able to spend the day surrounded by loved ones.  I am grateful for many things in my life including all of you.  


(posted on 30 Oct 2021)

May I be so bold to think that since we have, in a sense been sequestered for all these months that we have become less tolerant, patient and kind.  

This abstract painting on paper is titled "Dulce" (Sweet). I hope we all can experience patience and kindness while the world tries to pull itself together.  


Be Kind

Be Patient 

Be Love


Oil on Paper

Title:  Dulce

Size 24w x 30h

signed on reverse





Celebrate the Arts at the Summerlin Festival of Arts 

Date:  October 9-10 

10am - 5pm 

There will be 100 fine artists, classic car show, farmers market and more!

Stop by Booth #57 

The beautiful outdoor setting just outside of Redrock National Park.


(posted on 29 Aug 2021)

Summer is coming to an end.  It seems we had a short window of time to be with friends and family and reunite.  Hopefully most of you were able to spend quality time with loved ones.   For this painting I wanted to express the importance of sharing and being together.  I married bright colors and fun shapes to create a lively atmosphere.  


Title:  My Celebration

Medium:  Acrylic

Support:  Canvas 54x18 inches


Stay safe, Be safe and Celebrate Life.

(posted on 24 Jul 2021)

Recently I was introduced to Reiki and the powers of crystals.  I had my first Reiki session about a month ago.  To be honest I knew very little about Reiki and  realized I was pronouncing it all wrong too!  But, there is a first time for everything and my skepticism was hanging in the air.  

     My Reiki Master, Michele is a gentle petite woman that creates calm and trust the minute she meets you.  Her knowledge is immense on the subject of Chakra crystals and Reiki. 

 I arrive to her studio and living in Las Vegas it's only 115 degrees that day.   Michele instructs me to lay down on the table, I relax with a scented eye pillow over my eyes, she explains a bit more of the purpose of everything and has a chant in both Japanese and English that she recites before she begins. She starts at the top of my head and places her hands lightly on my head.  I see a wonderful soft explosion of color dancing in my mind's eye.  I was amazed!  I had know idea that this was even possible.  As she continued placing her hands lightly and sometimes just hovering over me the colors would magically the colors change.  They all have a meaning to our bodies and minds.  I feel that when we view art and color it can have the same effect and helps focus our body and mind as well.  I plan on doing more abstracts such as these and study the meaning of different colors and how they effect people.  I hope you enjoy this lovely painting.  


Title:  Solar Plexus Chakra

Medium:  Mixed Media - Acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel, oil and cold wax

Support:  Canvas mounted to cradled panel 40h x 30w

Presented in a natural maple float frame.


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