Niki J Sands Fine Art
A Figurative and Abstract artist

Theodicy (recently sold 01-23-2007)

Thick Oil - palette knife used 12x36

Theodicy : the attempt to rationally justify the belief that God is good despite the presence and strength of evil in the world. Why would such a good God allow such deep evil, such searing pain, such powerful oppression, such subtle deception, such waste of time, resources, and lives, such murder and mayhem? It is a mystery that has eluded the very best of logicians. Even the most blissful of Christians has to deal with this, eventually. It is, as Mr. Spock would say, illogical. Yet it is precisely this belief that God is good and is working for good in a world full of evil that is core to the Christian's belief. And there are so many signs of goodness, and even of a good God, that an honest non-believer has to deal with it eventually. Forgiveness is illogical. It is also available