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(posted on 4 May 2020)


      I hope everyone is healthy in mind, body and soul.  Social distancing and being isolated from loved ones has been most difficult.  I started this painting at the very beginning of this pandemic.  I had the canvas stretched 6 ft by 6 ft and delivered to my studio way before I even heard of the Covid19 or Corona Virus and definitely had family in mind and being together, sharing in love, food and drink to be painted on this massive canvas.    

     I have finished this piece and I can only hope and pray this will be us, as a community, as a state, as country and as a World  very soon, sharing in drink, friendship, food and most of all Love and Happiness.  There are many symbols throughout this painting....Music, people, nature, particularly the bees and hive which represent community and the way we should work together just as the bees do.  I have food and drink that we share and the white dove to symbolize peace.

     I wish everyone only the best of health both in body and mind.  We shall overcome this and be stronger together.  I hope you enjoy this painting and thank you all for your continuous support.  I appreciate any and all feedback. 

         Stay happy and healthy.

Title:  6 Feet of Love and Happiness

Acrylic on 72x72" canvas