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(posted on 6 Feb 2021)

For the past 11 months we all have been isolated from our friends and even loved ones.  For some reason I have found  comfort in my ability to cook at home and experience eating with the same person day in and day out. That person would be my other half, he normally would prefer red meat but since I have  control of the kitchen  we have been eating a lot of fish, vegetables and trust me plenty of wine, which conveniently can all be delivered by a stroke of a computer key.  I think this painting can accurately represent my life these past 11 months.  
I hope you all remain safe and healthy and find the humor in this painting. Without laughter life would be unbearable, so please keep the laughter alive.

Title:  Dos Caras y Tres Peces

Medium:  oil

support: 24x24 canvas