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(posted on 6 Sep 2018)


    September sure came fast this year.  I hope that everyone had a fun and safe summer.  My travels this year have inspired me so much that it felt as though there were not enough hours in the day for me to paint.  I did manage to finish this last piece.  I hope you enjoy the humor and whimsical style.  

Title:  Nouna Loves Cake

Medium:  Oil

Support:  Canvas 48 inches by 60 inches

I have painted Nouna many times throughout the years, she is definitely my muse.  Nouna in Greek means Godmother and I fondly remember my Godmother when I was a child.  I affectionately paint my memory of Nouna.  She was a lovely lady and someone I loved very much.

I will be exhibiting at KAABOO Delmar located at the Delmar Fairgrounds September 13th - 16th.  Tickets are still available at

September 22 - Redrock Motorsport out at Redrock Country Club Las Vegas NV

September 29 - 30th The Oaks Art Walk, Thousand Oaks, CA