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(posted on 24 Jul 2021)

Recently I was introduced to Reiki and the powers of crystals.  I had my first Reiki session about a month ago.  To be honest I knew very little about Reiki and  realized I was pronouncing it all wrong too!  But, there is a first time for everything and my skepticism was hanging in the air.  

     My Reiki Master, Michele is a gentle petite woman that creates calm and trust the minute she meets you.  Her knowledge is immense on the subject of Chakra crystals and Reiki. 

 I arrive to her studio and living in Las Vegas it's only 115 degrees that day.   Michele instructs me to lay down on the table, I relax with a scented eye pillow over my eyes, she explains a bit more of the purpose of everything and has a chant in both Japanese and English that she recites before she begins. She starts at the top of my head and places her hands lightly on my head.  I see a wonderful soft explosion of color dancing in my mind's eye.  I was amazed!  I had know idea that this was even possible.  As she continued placing her hands lightly and sometimes just hovering over me the colors would magically the colors change.  They all have a meaning to our bodies and minds.  I feel that when we view art and color it can have the same effect and helps focus our body and mind as well.  I plan on doing more abstracts such as these and study the meaning of different colors and how they effect people.  I hope you enjoy this lovely painting.  


Title:  Solar Plexus Chakra

Medium:  Mixed Media - Acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel, oil and cold wax

Support:  Canvas mounted to cradled panel 40h x 30w

Presented in a natural maple float frame.